I'm a developer and a designer; I make software that is easy on your eyes as well as your brain.


I am Mayur Bhoi. I am a pre-final year student at Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, pursuing Computer and Communication Engineering.

I have a passion for making intricately designed software that is efficient and easy to use. I also like analyzing code for mathematical optimizations for improving performance.

I have formal work experience interning at MobbyPark Inc., Accio Robotics, and Sigma Tenant as Flutter Application Developer.

I have worked for The MIT Post, the official media body of MIT, as the App Development Lead at the university to build their Android application. In addition to that, I have several personal projects and also have contributed to the open-source Flutter framework, a cross-platform app development framework developed by Google.

I like listening to music and reading in my free time. If not found doing the above things, I might be trying out new recipes to cook!

Thanks for checking out my website. If you are interested in more of my content, consider checking out my blog.

About The Website

I had been looking for an easy-to-share way of hosting my portfolio. While professional website builders like Wix and WordPress would have gotten me up and running in a day or two, where's the fun in that?

As a creator at heart and a developer who had never tried building even a barebones HTML website, I wanted to try my hands on the HTML-CSS-JS skillset. As a person who strongly believes in project-based learning, I felt writing a website myself would be the best option for me as it would get me to try new frameworks and learn an entirely new workflow.

Adding to the previous reason, being a designer, I didn't find any of the existing templates appealing to my design senses. Hence, building this website also enabled me to tune the UI/UX of it just how I like it with the utmost attention to detail.

The website is built from the ground up for performance and simplicity. It uses the Bootstrap 5 framework for laying out basic features. It also includes many helper libraries for enhancing the experience, one of which is Owl Carosel. The icons are provided by the FontAwesome CDN and Material Icons library designed by Google. As for hosting, the website is hosted using GitHub Pages on a custom domain purchased from GoDaddy.

If you liked this website, let me know on Twitter! I aim to clean up the code for it and open-source it for other people to benefit from my work. If you (regrettably) find any bugs or inconsistencies, do let me know by dropping a mail or tweeting at me, as mentioned earlier.

Make good things.