Projects and Stuff

I believe, to learn a new concept, one should pick a practical project idea and dive into it. In my opinion, learning as you go is a much more efficient way of picking up skills than pursuing a course or a guide.

Below are some of my moderately complex personal projects, along with some things I just tried out for the sake of learning new things.

A lot of the projects have a theme centered around application development and utilize the Flutter framework.

Apart from the mobile apps, I also have stuff that uses Python, JavaScript, Processing (the language), and Java. This portfolio website is also one of my projects but isn't included in the list below. If you want to read about how I created my website, go here.

Since all my work is open-source, you can find the codebases for all of my projects on my GitHub profile.

Author of Tobias Reich

COVID-19 Resources Bot

A Twitter bot that connects people willing to help with those in need. Written in Python 3.

The MIT Post App

A Flutter application for displaying articles by the official media body of MIT and notifying the users about all the official notices and events in real-time.

Author of Tobias Reich

The LGBTQ+ Community

A website created as an attempt to spread awareness about lesser-known sub-communities of the LGBTQ community.

Author of Tobias Reich

Dynamic Scaler

A Flutter package that enables device dependent scaling of widgets, images, and padding using the built-in MediaQuery class.

Space Investors

A mildly amusing remake of the iconic arcade game Space Invaders but with a topical twist. Written in vanilla JavaScript.

Author of Tobias Reich


Secure Encryption Algorithm using Multiple AES Rounds. The secure encryption algorithm that builds on top of AES; written in Java.